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Security and Compliance Services

With decreasing IT budgets and an increasing mix of endpoints accessing your corporate network, you may have unpatched and unsecured devices. This situation can make your IT Infrastructure vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated attacks.
Our solution based on IBM BigFix
  • Continuous enforcement of security and regulatory policies with up-to-the minute visibility of compliance status.
  • Automatic quarantine actions that isolate out of compliance endpoints until remediation is complete.
  • Reduced patching cycles from days or weeks to hours with a 98 per cent first-pass success rate.
Helps support continuous security and compliance
  • Provides accurate and near real-time visibility into and continuous enforcement of security configurations and patches.
  • Helps effectively manage the compliance lifecycle with an on-going, closed loop process.
  • Provides security and compliance analytics which identify, manage and report on policy exceptions and deviations. Also shows trends and analysis of security configuration changes.
  • Is faster and more efficient. The intelligent agent provides continuous compliance with automated audit cycles measured in minutes rather than weeks.
Delivers a broad range of security functions
  • Patch management includes delivering patches to endpoints for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS; and for application vendors including Adobe, Mozilla, Apple and Java.
  • Security configuration management provides a library of technical controls. They can help you achieve security compliance by detecting and enforcing security configurations.
  • Vulnerability management helps you discover, assess and remediate vulnerabilities before endpoints are affected. If the endpoint is found to be out of compliance, the software can place it in network quarantine until compliance is achieved.
  • Asset discovery frequently scans the entire network to identify IP-addressable devices and computer endpoints with minimal network impact.
  • Multivendor endpoint protection management gives administrators a single point of control for managing third-party endpoint security clients from vendors such as Computer Associates, McAfee, Sophos, Symatec and Trend Micro. Endpoints can be migrated from one solution to another with “one-click” software removal and reinstall.
Delivers Core Protection
  • Real-time endpoint protection against viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, rootkits and other malware
  • Protect with methods including file and web reputation, behavior monitoring, personal firewall, data loss prevention and device control
  • Enforce security policies using integrated data loss prevention and device control
  • Provide virtualization awareness to reduce resource contention issues on virtual infrastructures
  • Leverage industry-leading IBM and Trend Micro technologies with a single-console management infrastructure

Network Security

Our network security management platform from IBM provides situational awareness and compliance support through the combination of flow-based network knowledge, security event correlation, and asset-based vulnerability assessment.We have expertise on SIEM tools such as IBMQRadar.
Some of the highlights of solution are:
  • Integrate log management and network threat protection technologies within a common database and shared dash-board user interface
  • Reduce thousands of security events into a manageable list of suspected offenses
  • Detect and track malicious activity over extended time periods, helping to uncover advanced threats often missed by other security solutions
  • Detect insider fraud with advanced capabilities
  • Help exceed regulation mandates and support compliance 
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