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Remote Infrastructure Services

When your server, application or database is down or not functioning properly, you lose valuable data and time and it directly affects your business. To supplement the efforts of your in-house staff for monitoring and administering your devices on a 24 x 7 basis we can assist you. We can provide customised monitoring and problem resolution solutions delivered remotely from our NOC by our competent team of technology specialists.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Services

With our Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Services, we can remotely and proactively track critical system parameters and identify potential problems before they affect your business. We can help you increase efficiency, maximize uptime, and reduce costs by:
  • Automatically monitoring system performance trends
  • Identifying and responding to existing and potential problems quickly and easily
  • Helping your staff avoid time spent on trial-and-error troubleshooting
  • Helping you to avoid loss of critical data
  • Improving efficiency with customised reporting, including reports on productivity and performance. 


Shared Services

There is immense pressure on CIOs to bring in innovative IT capabilities to increase the competitive strengths of the organisation.However since most of the budget and man-power time is spent in running operations there is hardly any bandwidth left to experiment with different technologies. In addition there are issues connected with managing people, attrition, trainings etc.

To address these issues we offer the Shared Services model.  Since we already have the investments in building skills and specialized knowledge we can split the resources and costs but give you guaranteed quality support. Our shared-services model is flexible and customisable according to your specific needs.

Steady State -Remote Support

DCM provides Steady State Support services by remote administration & management of the IT Infrastructure support, on a 24x7 basis, delivered by its team of Specialists and SME’s. We have a fully equipped, 24x7 operational and highly secured network infrastructure for delivery of Remote support to our customers. 

We customize our steady state 24x7 support as per your compliance and SLA needs. Our services are agile and flexible to  suite your needs. 


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