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Job Details

Video Network Engineer
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Fremont, CA
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 The candidate shall be able to handle following set of responsibilities :

  • Preparation of High level plans.

  • Communicate with vendors on integration of IPTV Media room with their automation tools and for trouble shooting. 

  • Installation of operating systems and other required software for automation tools.

  • Writing test cases for automating the entire IPTV workflow. Develop or automate the workflow for the approved test cases .

  • Ensuring that the developed automation meets the coding standards as per the vendors.

  • Ensuring the overall project quality throughout. Writing test cases related to Set- Top Box (STB) functionality with media room.

  • Executing the STB test cases for different media room client versions. Troubleshooting the STB related issues.

  • Configuration of EPG, DVR, VOD, NDS, Live Services, MD etc.Writing test cases related to modem connectivity between STB and Residential Gateway. 

  • Configuring VOD  and SVOD and test preview /rent/play for the VOD assets and troubleshoot whenever required.

Skills Required :

  • 5 Years of progressive,post baccalaureate related work experience is preferable.

Qualification: Bachelors degree or Equivalent in Computer Engg /EE/CS /Eng /Sci /CIS related.