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Job Details

Java Lead with Python
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Chicago, IL
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 Platform Technologies


We’re creating platform-grade software that is leveraged by our other offers/solutions.   Candidates here will be creating infrastructure-types of software within that overall framework.

·         Python (server side) - specifically people with demonstrated experience in creating python packages (e.g. pip installable) for servers (e.g. REST servers)

·         Test Driven Development (e.g. unittest, nose)


Visualization Technologies

We’re creating 3d-rendered visualization software to help our customers see very quickly what is happening within their environments.  These environments are using OpenGL and are rendered within a standard web browser.

·         JavaScript

·         nodejs

·         HTML5, CSS

·         UI design skills (e.g. ability to work with a UI designer and turn that into a practical implementation



·         Virtualization in OpenStack

·         Agile methods using SCRUM

·         Git (ideally gitlab but again we can train that - git itself is what’s important)

·         Linux (from a user and basic admin - knowing how to install stuff, configure basic networking, etc)

·         REST interface usage

·         Solid understanding of the implications of using various Open Source software packages (e.g. which are infectious, which are not)


Other helpful things

·         Good understanding of NFV from an ETSI and TM Forum perspective (what they have defined, the terms, etc)

Basic networking (layer 2, layer 3, routing, switching - that level of knowledge) - don’t need to be able to do large scale network design but should understand it