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Data Center Services

DCM is a pioneer when it comes to servicing Enterprise customers having large and complex IT infrastructure and data centers spread across multiple locations. We have decades of rich experience in administering and maintaining wide ranging complex heterogeneous IT environments.

We help simplify, optimize, standardize and automate your IT infrastructure by simplifying deployment, reduce management complexities, build a foundation for automation and administration of data centers. 

Our data center services help you amalgamate legacy systems and ground-breaking architectures such as cloud and virtualization technologies. We assist you achieve

  • Reduced IT infra expenses
  • Improved end-user efficiency by cutting downtime
  • Increased IT productivity

Our data center management services include the following :

Monitoring Services

DCM Monitoring services encompass use of different tools to monitor the health and performance of Systems, Network, Storage devices, Operating Systems, Applications, Databases, and Backups.This gives a top level visibility to management of IT components in a data center and helps in taking proactive steps in identifying and resolving issues even before they occur and help prevent critical impact on business.

Specialists at our NOC facility are equipped to monitor the customer’s IT infrastructure on a 24x7 basis and help achieve desired IT service level goals.  Our expertise is on tools like SolarWinds, Splunk and IBM Netcool.

Implementation of integrated monitoring solutions

DCM can help you implement integrated monitoring solution from leading OEMs like IBM, HP, BMC and others. This integrated approach to IT services monitoring helps you isolate problems much faster.

Optimize Remote IT services monitoring

Not all IT events are equally important. You need to optimize your application performance management and systems monitoring, so that you can find the events that really matter. DCM provides robust remote monitoring services that help you do just that. We help you monitor your setup remotely round the clock, including applications, databases, operating systems, storage devices and infrastructure.Tickets and alerts are proactively generated for quick resolution.

Automate responses for faster diagnosis and recovery

When you are trying to isolate problems and recover from them, you normally use a standard diagnostic approach. However, this may actually slow your response time, since it often involves manual processes and notification delays. DCM can help speed things up. We provide IT process automation (ITPA) that responds to events as you would manually, using standard diagnosis, escalation and remediation processes. This helps reduce workload and lets you complete resolution more efficiently.

Server Management

Our Server related services includes remote and onsite administration and management of Servers and Operating Systems,application infrastructure,solution design, implementation, migration, upgrade, and steady state remote support.

Apart from the complete technical capabilities of the IT infrastructure, we bring in project management capabilities of implementing across multiple countries and server management support on a 24*7 basis.

Our services include:

Design And Deployment of IT infrastructure

Our Services include Implementation, configuration, up- gradation, migration, advance troubleshooting, performance tuning, Virtualization, OS security, hardening of OS like AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP UX and Windows.

Steady State support

DCM also provides steady state support onsite or remotely, to administer & manage IT Infrastructure, on a 24x7 basis, delivered by our team of specialists and SMEs. We have a fully equipped, 24x7 operations center (NOC) and secure network infrastructure for delivery of remote support to our customers. 

Storage Management

Storage used to be simple. Today, it is measured in TBs (Terabyte) and PBs (Petabyte) and it continues to evolve. Fortunately, there are software and management tools that can offer substantial value and differentiation. We have a pool of certified storage administrators and SMEs to manage these complex storage devices. 

Our services include:

  • Our Storage experts plan, design, build, implement and administer solutions using the industry best practices and most trusted storage systems and software from IBM, HP, Hitachi, EMC and Netapps.
  • We have vast experience in configuration, up-gradation, migration, consolidation and advance troubleshooting of Storage Systems.
  • Our experts can help you design Storage Network
  • Cloud Integration
  • Performance tuning

Backup & Recovery Services

The scale of data today, it’s value to enterprises and legal compulsions have highlighted the strategic importance of sound data management. Today, you need faster access to larger data for longer periods. 

Backup is central to data management. You need to guarantee you can recover data when it is deleted, destroyed, or disappears. Archiving has taken on new urgency as regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and FRCP continue to change the rules for long-term data storage. We offer a wide range of proven data backup solutions.

Our services include:

  • Design, Implementation, configuration, up-gradation, migration and advance troubleshooting of enterprise backup solution like IBM Spectrum Protect, HP Data protector, Legato, EMC Avamar and Symantec Netbackup.
  • Architecting and Implementing Disaster Recovery solutions.

Facility Management

Increasing efficiencies,reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s data center administrators. We have expertise in managing data center facilities on a multi-platform environment.

We coordinate and manage PAC, BAS, Security, Fire Suppression Systems, Power, CCTV, Access Management Systems, etc. 


DCM Specialists can work with you to plan, design, build, consolidate and implement appropriate solution using the industry trusted server virtualization technologies. Server virtualization can help increase server utilization by as much as 70%, while decreasing the demand for power, cooling, cabling, rack space, and hardware maintenance. Server virtualization leverages your existing technology, lowers overall hardware costs, and enables faster roll out of new applications while reducing risks.

Our services include:

  • Centrally managing large virtual infrastructure environments.
  • Virtualize storage infrastructure.
  • Our team of virtualization SMEs  are proficient in managing  Citrix, VMware and MS- HyperV based virtualization environments.


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