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Consulting Services

Enterprises are continuously looking at optimizing the cost of managing their Data Centers. CFO’s are looking at reduced investments and higher efficiencies.  Thanks to newer technologies, this goal of CFO’s can be achieved by involving right consultants. DCM has been investing in learning and implementing these new technologies and providing the most effective and viable solution to Enterprises.

Optimization of IT Infrastructure

Virtualization of Server is a reality now. However, implementing an effective solution which does not under perform and is scalable easily across the enterprise is still a challenge. This is where DCM consultants can help.
Virtualization of SAN
The disks attached to servers are often underutilized as they are attached to specific applications. Virtualization of SAN provides a single consolidated view of the storage and one can allocate the required storage to a specific application. This optimizes the usage of available disk space and hence reduces the overall cost.
Virtualization of Network
Creating a new VM may take few minutes, but deploying a new service would still take couple of days primarily due to Network configuration issues. Virtualization of Network (Switches, Routers and Firewalls etc.) would reduce this to hours.

Automation of Admin activities

DCM consultants can help in automating large number of day to day activities related to operations. This would reduce your staffing requirements and at the same time would reduce the chances of committing human errors. Following are some example where automation can reduce the cost of operations 
  • Preventive Fault Management
    • Auto discovery of nodes and faults
    • Auto Ticket creation
  • Automation of commonly performed operations
  • Automation of patch upgrades 

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

Cloud is a buzz word now a days and CIO’s are in a dilemma whether to go for cloud based applications, whether to host the servers on a third party data center. There is no clear answer and hence it needs some expert advice.  We have the expertise to help you in taking the right decisions and design a hybrid cloud for your enterprise. DCM has partnerships with world leaders like IBM, VMware and Oracle to orchestrate a solution for you.

Optimization of Messaging and Communication Platforms

Messaging and communication is an important part of any enterprise. Enterprise are using multiple ways for communication like e-mail, video conferencing, IP phone, Social Networking and so on.  Since Enterprises use multiple tools for this including some legacy tools, the overall cost of communications is going high and needs to be optimised. DCM consultants can help you in taking a holistic approach and reduce the cost by :
  • Adopting alternate economical  messaging tools
  • Using Unified Communication tools

Application Performance Optimization

Application Performance is an important area which has a direct impact on business and should not be neglected. Our consultants can help you in the following areas 
  • Monitoring and isolation of bottlenecks
  • Providing effective solutions

Security  and Data Protection

We have wide experience in Data Protection and Security management. Our experts can help you in the following areas 
  • Secure usage of  Mobile Applications
  • Secure usage of BYOD
  • Virus and Malware protection
  • Data Protection of End User Devices
  • Data protection at Data Center 


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