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Cloud Services

In the last couple of years, Cloud computing has become a reality.  Today, more and more applications are being offered on the Cloud.  There are many cloud hosting service providers where one can host the application servers and move away from the traditional ways of managing the application servers through internal IT team. 

In general, many enterprises are moving towards a hybrid solution where they have some applications on the public cloud, but retain their critical applications on the private cloud. We offer services to assist you in selecting the right mix and also building your private cloud based on the technologies being used for the public cloud. 

Private Cloud Challenges 

  • Deliver applications and IT services to the customers quicker and more efficiently
  • Competitive pressures and the accelerating pace of business no longer allow for time-consuming, silo, manual processes
  • Customers expect to be able to go online, request a new application or computing resource, and receive it in a matter of minutes

Centralized and Proactive Virtual Infrastructure Management

Operations management disciplines are converging in the cloud. Performance and capacity management are becoming inseparable due to the dynamic nature of converged infrastructure. Traditional tools and processes designed for a silo-type, static physical infrastructure doesn’t provide the automation and control needed to effectively manage highly virtualized and private cloud environments. 
Our solution provides the following:
  • Deliver intelligent operations management with visibility from application to storage across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.
  • Predictive analytics in-built, to provide Smart Alerts that enable proactive identification and remediation of issues.
  • Automate key processes and improve IT efficiency using policy-based automation.
  • Deliver Unified management, comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure in one place.


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